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When AdvoCare found us, I knew I needed to get healthy for myself and my family, and I wanted to increase our income. In these uncertain times, I'm grateful for the unexpected interruption, called AdvoCare, that came into my life. I saw other people having success in body transformations and wanted that for myself too! I decided to get on the 24 Day Challenge and starting getting my energy back again. When I finished my first 24 Day Challenge, I had lost 7lbs and 7 ¾". My husband, Lee saw my results and decided to get on the 24 Day Challenge also. He lost 15lbs and 6 ¾".

I've gone on to lose 32lbs and 32inches, going from a size 16 to an 8, and Lee went on to lose 25lbs and down 2 jean sizes. During this process, we got to the Advisor level (40% off) as fast as we could because we knew we wanted to continue using the products.

We love to assist others get the most out of their products! Check out our product lines for the items you're looking for. The thing we love most is helping others earn MORE INCOME. We are currently looking for 3 people who want to earn $250-$1000 a month with a part time work effort.

Thank you for stopping by,
Joni & Lee
Cell: 503-519-0716

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