Aaron & Kristie Haskell
Augusta, KS
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Aaron & Kristie Haskell
As all of us proud parents know, when the 5:00 whistle blows....that is actually when our day begins.

Here I was 30 years old, this Generation X guy found himself belonging to Generation ZZZZZZZZZ. I was in the worst shape of my life, mentally and physically. Realizing or.....finally admitting that life was kicking my butt and making a daily habit out of it, I knew something had to change.

That is when AdvoCare found me and I took the 24 Day Challenge. Immediately I felt like I added hours to my days and years to my life with the energy I gained. The energy Kristie and I found through AdvoCare shifted the paradigm.....completely re-wrote the dynamics of our home and our family! We have paid off over $18,000 in debt since July 2011; I was able to lose 16 extremely unwelcomed pounds that I had put on; most importantly though...I became the father and the husband that I so desperately wanted to be with my newfound energy!

We quickly realized many of our friends and family were struggling with a very similar ‘Energy Crisis'. We decided it was time for us to do what God had called us to do; change the dynamics of homes and families by helping them become physically and financially fit. Most importantly, to help families dream……to DREAM BIG, become their life vision and achieve their life’s goals.

AdvoCare has given me the opportunity to raise my family and not a career. It has put life back on our terms. I am forever thankful to those who have helped us along our journey; I am forever thankful for all those who have trusted our vision and decided that “average” was an unacceptable option for their own families. Our team, all started in different places in life but they all realized and understand there is more to life than 60 hour work weeks, 30 year mortgages, five year car loans and ultimately “more month than money”. They want freedom, they are achieving FREEDOM!

Kristie and I believe we all have a choice to live an 'ordinary' or an 'extraordinary' life. We Choose Extraordinary, We Choose to Build Champions!

Thank you for stopping by, we wish you the very best in your journey. We look forward to locking arms with you and your family, helping you achieve all of your life’s dreams, visions and freedoms.

Please feel free to contact us at aaron@SparkDreams.com with questions, comments and to get life back on your terms!

Aaron & Kristie Haskell
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