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Meredith Tate
In 2010, Meredith had a friend share a Spark with her after discussing a very full day with kids and errands. She noticed an immediate difference in her energy and mental focus. At the same time Eric was overweight, always exhausted , and looking for answers. They both started the 24 Day Challenge along with their daughter, Priscilla, and the family saw great results. Eric lost 16 lbs and 4 inches off his waist while Priscilla dropped 10 lbs and a couple of dress sizes.

They began to share with others and helping their friends and family get started as well. This led them to discovering a Plan B through AdvoCare that they desperately needed. Eric was working two full time jobs as a teacher/coach and small business owner. Meredith was working full time in accounting and being a full time mom. Within 3 months, they were able to drop one of the jobs and within 2 years their Part Time AdvoCare business had replaced and surpassed the income of 3 full time jobs. This gave them to option to step away from their day jobs to come home and work together to help others reach their goals.

Everyone's life and circumstances are different. Eric and Meredith understand this and are excellent at discussing how AdvoCare can add value to your life and customizing a plan that will lead you to a better future. They appreciate you and look forward to the opportunity to help you.

To Your Success!

Eric and Meredith Tate

256-710-5755 Eric
256-710-6334 Meredith

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