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Ariel Schock
Before being introduced to Advocare I was always tired, drinking three pops or energy drinks a day, constantly craved chocolate and was a little over weight for my size. A friend of mine contacted me and have me a sample of Advocare SPARK, after a couple hrs I could really tell the difference in my energy levels. After a couple days of drinking Advocare SPARK I saw and felt improvements. I was more focused, had constant energy and my craving for soda/ chocolate disappeared. After loving the Advocare Spark I tried Advocare 24 Day Challenge lost 15lbs and 16 inches off my body! I couldn't believe all these results happened within just a month. Since I felt how great these products made me feel And had amazing results I shared with my friends and family. By doing so I reached the top discount in Advocare which allowed me to venture into the business side of Advocare. Just within my first month of being an advisor I earned $800.
Now I'm helping others get healthy, earn extra income and even stay at home with their families!
I can help you do the same.
Contact me:
Ariel: (541) 314-5326

Personal testimonials reflect individual experiences of AdvoCare Independent Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Weight loss varies with individual effort, body composition, eating patterns and exercise. AdvoCare recommends that you consult your healthcare professional before starting an AdvoCare product regimen. Earnings depend on a number of factors, including your individual effort and the area in which you live.

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