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Kim Higgins-Olson & Scott Olson
Mine and Scott’s Advocare journey started with a 24 day challenge. My son and his Fiance had just began their new business with this thing they called Advocare and told us that we needed to do this 24 day challenge and that we would feel better and lose weight. So not knowing anything about it we agreed because he was my son and I wanted to support him in his new business, not ever imagining that we would fall in love with the products and company.

We both lost a combined 36 lbs on the 24 day challenge and are up to 55 lbs since we have continued on our product regimen. This really opened our eyes to the business and we wanted to get started right away. We worked our way to advisor within one 2 week pay period and were able be out of the red from our investment and into the black in right around 30 days.

Advocare is allowing us to not only put elite nutrtition into our bodies, but is also giving us ordinary people a chance to do something extraordinary in life. Working our plan part-time we are on track to be making between 2 and $3k a month by the end of the year and We plan on taking this full time within the next 2-3 years.

Advocare has truly changed our life and way of living, and that is something that we want to duplicate in as many peoples lives as we can. We are so thankful to Mike and April for introducing us to the Advocare products and business

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