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Melissa Reames
My name is Melissa and 5 years ago I weighed over 230 pounds and had tried everything to get the weight off. I made the decision the only option for me was to have the Lap-Band surgery. I had the surgery and had great success with it and lost almost 100 pounds. The one thing that was missing was good health; I really didn't do it the right way. I wasn't working out or taking proper care of my body so I lost more muscle mass than anything as well as hair loss. Over the 5 years I have been able to successfully keep off MOST of the weight but in the past year and a half have struggled to maintain my weight and have put 30 pounds back on. It doesn't matter what route you take to lose the weight if you’re not eating healthy and taking the proper supplements you’re doing more harm than good. With the Spark Energy drink I've been able to stay focused better than even and had energy like I can't believe. I now want to work out; I can't wait get home in the afternoon after a long day at work and go walking. I am averaging 6 miles a night of walking, 4 months ago that would have never happened but it's so real with AdvoCare!!! And protein was my biggest struggle and concern since I was eating half of what my body was use to I was not getting the right amount of protein and my hair was suffering for it. The problem I found is I had tried many protein shakes even one sold by my weight management doctor tasted horrible and were way too foamy hard for a Lap-band patient to ingest. When I tasted meal replacement shake I couldn't believe how good it was and I am able to get it down very easily. I was so surprised and excited when I was introduced to AdvoCare because of the quality of the product and the success of others. I have just started my AdvoCare journey and can't wait to see what I can accomplish in the next year, not only my weight management/health but also as a business.

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