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How to Herbal Cleanse.

Very important!!!
• Open the Herbal Cleanse box and read ALL of the directions before starting!!!
• Take everything out of the box – separate the supplements – Fiber Drink, Probiotic Restore and Herbal Cleanse.
• If you have ANY questions or concerns call the person that gave you the box BEFORE doing anything.

• The Herbal Cleanse is an internal cleansing and detoxification product. However, some people may experience weight loss and inch loss with the Cleanse.
• It is common that a person may get a slight headache. This happens as a result of toxins being flushed out the system. Drink more water and try not to take any aspirin.
• You may, or may not; feel slightly bloated during the Cleanse and a bit constipated all the way through to the last day of the Cleanse. This is a good sign that the putrefied food matter is being scrubbed loose from the intestines. Water helps to flush the body out.
• The worse you feel the more that you needed to cleanse, and you will feel better once you finish the Cleanse and on the MNS System again. If the toxins don’t come out of a person, the toxins could cause long term health problems.
1. No fried foods, refined sugars, corn or white starches, or bread
2. No wheat products (i.e. bread, crackers)
3. No dairy (i.e. ceese, yogurt, milk)
4. No alcohol (you're on a cleanse!)
5. No coffee or soda (drink water or Spark...this will help reduce inflamation)
6. EAT VEGGIES: salads during the day and steamed veggies at night will scrub your system
7. EAT FRUIT: fibrous and low glycemic choices (apples, olives/olive oil)
8. EAT HEALTHY FATS: (i.e. avovado, nuts/seeds, olives/olive oil)
9. EAT CLEAN PROTEINS: feed muscle and reduce appetite (tuna and salmon will aid in cleansing; eggs/chicken would be secondary options stay away from processed lunch meats)
10. EAT CLEAN CARBS:(i.e. rice, hummus, oatmeal...if needed)
DRINK WATER!!!! GOAL=1 GALLON, 4 liters per day)


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