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Ricky & Magen Reaves
We found AdvoCare in July of 2011. At that time Ricky was working a full time job & I was a stay at home mom/part time fitness instructor. We had two beautiful children at that time, Preslee & Blain. I had just completed my first 24 Day Challenge (AdvoCares #1 Program) I lost 12lbs but, I gained my energy back! I wasn't taking my mid day naps or sleeping in until noon anymore, I was up and going... & going... & going! I hadn't felt that good since Junior High! I love the energy I had SO much I told everyone I knew to get on Spark (AdvoCares focus & energy drink) but, I told them they could purchase it from my friend.

A few weeks later my friend calls to tell me she has made $500 because of all the referrals I was giving her. She then asked if I could use a extra $500 a month. That spoke so much life into me, my husband was missing everything & my fitness journey would never get us financially where we wanted to be. I said YES!! Those first few months I brought home MORE than $500 & I remember thinking to myself if I can make $500, I can make a $1000. And I did.

I got very intentional with the business side of AdvoCare & when my husband saw my paychecks for TWO WEEKS were $6000-$7000 he became intentional as well! AdvoCare has a Rookie Bonus allowed us to earn EXTRA (not including paychecks) income. It was May of 2012 when we earned our first incentive trip with AdvoCare to Italy, it was a 10 day trip & my husbands work would not let him off. Financially we knew with AdvoCare we could only go up so, Ricky made the decision to put his two weeks notice in. He has now been a stay at home dad since. We have gone on to earn more trips.. Hawaii, Arizona, Lake Tahoe, Cabo, & we have many more beaches to walk!

Ricky & I currently are at the Diamond level (We are helping as many people that allow us to) and this is just the beginning! We just welcomed our third child into the world, Mr Kanon, we are building our dream home to host all our team events & the sky is the limit! We are locking arms with friends & family all over the country and changing lives! If you are looking for that extra income, we want to help you!


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