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Kaylan Keathley
Kaylan Keathley is now an Advocare Advisor from Vero Beach, Florida.
"When Advocare came into my life I was im recovery from a major surgery. Physically I had been laid up from my job as a horse trainer for months and while I had only gained 3lbs, my body mass had undergone a complete flip flop. Where I had been strong and muscular I was now seeing just fat and flab. Mentally I was very stressed and down as I was needing to make the hard choice of giving up my dream job of being a horse trainer due to the economy finally hitting the equine industry hard.
I had heard a lot about the 24 Day Challenge and understood why it could work so well with people who had a lot of weight to loose but I was skeptical about its ability to do anything for me because I knew it was next to impossible to find a healthy and effective system to build muscle while losing fat.
Still unable to get back to work I did two 24 Day Challenges back to back. Being the ultimate skeptic I took an InBody test before and after and I was blown away with the results! I lost 11lbs over all, 18lbs of just body fat and I gained 6.5lbs of muscle! The best part if everything was how I felt. I felt better then I ever had...and it showed! Everyone started asking what I was doing and I started sharing products. Doing so I did my way to Advisor and started to earn enough income to pay my car and insurance payments.
Today, I am healthier then ever and own my own business as a Personal Trainer, a career change inspired by my own Advocare journey! Now, after being with Advocare for 2 years I am getting to work building my Advocare business along with my team and looking to pin silver leadership by Spring Breakthrough 2014 and double my income as a Personal Trainer." -Kaylan Keathley

After the most recent success school in August 2013, Kaylan returned home to Vero Beach, FL with a new burning passion to not only build her Advocare business into a full time income replacement option by working hand and hand with others so that they too can feel and be healthier, happier and financially independent. Challenging others to trust in her leadership and Dare them to dream!

“Teaching skills and knowledge with clear and gradual lesson plans, sharing my innate ability to set and reach goals, and instilling passion and motivation is what I have been doing all along…Fitness and Advocare just different outlets. Ones that I am just as eager to share with others as I ever have been about horses. Like horses, fitness, healthy living, and financial independence are a way of life…and if you want it, I am here to help you achieve!”
–Kaylan Keathley

If anything I have mentioned interests you please contact me today for any information!

Kaylan Keathley

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