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Brett and Dawn Funk
We both turned forty in the last year and have been doing a lot of reflecting on our lives from a health and financial perspective. With four children to keep up with as far as energy and expenses, we decided it was time to take advantage of our good friends' advice and look to Advocare to fulfill our many needs. That SPARK was all all that we needed, literally and figuratively! From the first samples, we were hooked on the incredible products and were able to pick back up volleyball and running again and compete at competitive levels that made us feel good about ourselves. Thanks to the 24 Day Challenge, we have lost a combined 38 pounds, but more importantly we have kept it off! Advocare has truly changed our lives in the last nine months and is allowing me to leave public education and be a stay at home mom at the end of this school year! If you want to learn more about our incredible team of CHAMPIONS, please call us directly at 937-545-2908. We would love to paint a picture of what Advocare can do for you and your family!

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