Nathaly & Jonathan Tanner
Franklin, TN
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Nathaly & Jonathan Tanner
It all started with a SPARK!

Welcome to our site! My Name is Nathaly, and I am an Aesthetician here in Franklin TN and my husband Jonathan works for Corporate America.

When Advocare found me I was lacking 3 things:
2.Good Nutrition

I was having huge energy problems. I was tired all the time, stressed, not eating right or on time and at the end of the day not feeling good at all and we also needed to supplement our income due to student loan debt.

A friend came along and shared a SPARK with me and after 30 minutes I felt more energy than ever, with no crash and at the end of that day I still had more energy and was happy. It was amazing!

I knew that I needed to take better care of myself physically & financially. I needed to fuel my body with adequate nutrition to stay healthy and energized, so my husband and I dove right on the 24 Day Challenge and the results were immediate.

I felt the difference on the first day starting with the amount of energy and focus I had, I was happier, less stressed and was getting the proper nutrition.

After 3 weeks I had more definition, and my body was toning. Our combined weight loss was 25 pounds and our combined inch loss was 30 inches on the 24 Day Challenge and we both feel amazing!

Naturally we had to share with everyone and we started to earn a Plan B income since AdvoCare has this amazing opportunity. We became Advisors which is the highest discount level in the company and that is how we can earn income in 5 different ways. Our first paycheck with AdvoCare was $61 and now we are averaging $1,500 per month and we are on track to triple our earnings by June of 2013 and we are looking to help other people do the same.

This company has changed our lives and we are so excited to be able to share the products and the business opportunity with you.

Here is what we are looking for:
If you desire a change in your life today, in your health and/or finances, we are here for you.

We want to help more couples or individuals who would like to earn an extra income a month Plan B income this year. You must love people, have a teachable spirit, and have a big WHY! If this sounds like you, or someone you may know & would like information so that you can make and informed decision, you can call me at 615-512-9756 or email me at nathalyjs@hotmail.com. My passion is to help new families have better health, and financial freedom this year! In the mean time you can hear from other families who've already made this choice at

Join us on this wonderful journey!

Phone: 615-512-9756

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