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Salah Schoenecke
My name is Salah Schoenecke and I am 24 years old and have always dreamed of being at 15% body fat. I played collegiate Division 1 volleyball and trained to go pro for beach volleyball, and decided to stop the professional training and focus on my career in the personal training field. I got my B.A. in Health Promotion from the University of North Texas, and my CPT from NASM. I will soon be CrossFit Level 1 Certified, and coaching at Woodward CrossFit.

I did the 24-Day challenge and lost 7% body fat, and 6lbs in 24 days! I have been able to keep it off, and continue to lose another 1% since then! When it comes to having more energy and feeling lighter I have never felt better or as energized! My staples are spark, catalyst, and thermo. Every order I'm trying to experience new products so I can speak authentically about each and every one of them!

This is the first supplementation that I've ever believed in!

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