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TO THE WEBSITE OF Todd & Maggie Boger

Todd & Maggie Boger
Our family found AdvoCare in March of 2012. Todd was looking to lose weight for a wedding in which he would be a groomsman. He completed a 24 Day Challenge and dropped 15 pounds as well as a 3-a-day carbonated energy drink habit. Meanwhile, I had gained 70 pounds over a 10 year period and was exhausted after working a full day. I completed a challenge and lost 10 pounds and a pant size. We both continued taking products and within 18 months, lost a combined total of 123 pounds. Todd dropped from a 42” to a 34” waist and I dropped from a size 18 to an eight. What really gets the two of us excited is that because the products work, we were able to replace the income Todd had been earning in overtime. Then we were able to pay off $30,000 of debt in 20 months using AdvoCare’s Debt Buster System!! We went to Success School in February 2013 and found our purpose. Our 3 children were currently being cared for by someone else while we both worked. This meant someone else was influencing our children during the majority of their waking hours. We were losing our opportunity to guide them to a life of meaning, while impacting the world around them, simply because we needed the income we were both generating. Here, we saw parents having the time AND income to be their children’s primary influence. This is what we wanted. I came home to be my children’s primary influence in August 2013 by using the opportunity AdvoCare provided to replace my full time income. Just by simply sharing products that work and helping others achieve their dreams, we will have complete time and debt freedom so that we can live the life of our choosing rather than someone else’s!

Interested in hearing more?

Interested in hearing more?
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