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Pamela Goff
Pam’s Story
In January of 2012 I made a decision to lose a pound a week for the coming year. I was heavier at this point than when I was nine months pregnant. Looking at photos taken during the holidays was painful. The plan was to be a healthier and slimmer me by new years.
I started counting calories and lost five pounds in a little over two months. It was a slow process even with walking and getting to the Gym for workouts. A co-worker introduced me to AdvoCare and the 24 Day Challenge in March of 2012. I lost a total of 9 pounds and 3 inches over all while on the challenge! To date, I have lost 26 pounds and I have been able to maintain the loss. My energy level is great, which means less naps and more time working outside with my husband and son.
I became an AdvoCare Advisor right after finishing the 24 Day Challenge. Helping others to accomplish their own personal goals for health, wellness and finances is very rewarding. The culture of AdvoCare is team oriented, so you always have someone to rely on to aid you in your personal growth.
The DebtBuster System gave me a solid plan to fulfill my goal of becoming debt free in two years. It is a great feeling to know that financial freedom is just around the corner.
Some of my favorite products are the Meal Replacement Drinks, Catalyst, MNS MAX E, Spark, Nighttime Recovery and SleepWorks. My 5 year old takes his Purple Champs and Coreplex Chewables faithfully!

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