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TO THE WEBSITE OF Rick & Venus Barrera

Rick & Venus Barrera
My husband, Rick, approached me in March of 2012 about a business opportunity. I was initially skeptical, but he NEVER gets excited about supplements due to his Degree in Kinesiology, so I was intrigued. Where were we going to get the money to start? When would we find the time? Rick had it all planned out. He said, WE, would be the models. We were going to go on the 24 Day Challenge. Then he said, "No Excuses!" his favorite quote. He showed me the Advocare website and success stories where the average weight loss in the first 24 days was 10-15lbs. Even some women losing up to 4 pant sizes! He then showed me that it's not just stories, I was introduced to Roselyn Bomhack, she told me of the great successes she had with Advocare and how it could help us. After giving birth to two beautiful girls, back to back, and then a wonderful little boy, the weight seems to have stuck to me. I've tried working out at the gym, cutting back on my food, even considered getting it all sucked out of me. Yet, the fat would not drop off! Fast forward a year...WOW! After our first 24 Day Challenge, I couldn't believe what I happened! Rick went from 181lbs to 164lbs and lost two pant sizes. He has since moved into the Performance Elite line and now building muscle. I lost 15 lbs and was so excited that I started running! Me run? Never in my life! We are looking forward to helping you reach your goals. There are the 4 ways that you can get involved with AdvoCare: 1. As a Retail Customer (click on SHOP NOW link above to start shopping!) 2. As a Wholesale Distributor: An AdvoCare Distributorship Kit is $79 (it includes $50 in product samples). This option lets you save 20-40% on products and gets you your own AdvoCare Site (just like the one you're on now!) to order from and share with others. Click on the BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR link above to get your kit. 3. As a TOP Discount Distributor: 40% Discount Level; potential to earn a little or a lot per month, depends on you. (Ask for a copy of our company's income disclosure statement). 4. As a Business Builder: 40% Discount Level; this is at the Advisor level and opens the door to earn 5 ways with AdvoCare. 40% Retail Commission; 5-20% Wholesale Commission; Overrides (residual income); Leadership Bonuses (3-19.25%) & Pay Period Bonus and Incentives! This is where I am at; I can tell you that it is a great place to be! Let me know if you would like to begin building your own AdvoCare business. I would love to have you on Team Spark Ignited! Regardless, of which way you decide to join AdvoCare, you've made the first step by finding this site.. Thank you again for visiting our AdvoCare site! Please call us at 210-695-0170 or email us at for more information.

Interested in hearing more?

Interested in hearing more?
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