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Eric & Jen Mosenden
Jennifer and I started advocare April 23rd 2012. In the 10 day cleanse, Jen lost 13lbs,8.5in., I lost 13.5lbs,7in.. 24 days in, I lost 18lbs,17in!! Jen lost 16lbs,22in!! After 32 days, Ive lost 20lbs,18 in! Jen has lost 18lbs,31.5in!!!! Wow! We feel amazing! A sense of wellness! Tons of Energy! Everyone deserves this opportunity! Join Us! :) After 6 months, I'm down 30lbs,27 in! Jen is down 28 lbs and a Whopping 40 inches!! Our results you see were achieved strictly by using the products and following the daily directions and meal plans, We did not change our daily regiment by going to the gym or exercising.. So if you walk, exercise or have a heavy gym routine, your results could be much greater!! What sets Advocare above any other programs out there? Its the only program on the market that protects your lean muscle while burning the fat! That is why we focus on the inches more so then the pounds.. Muscle weighs more then fat..Advocare is a life change, filled with the vitamins and nutrition your body needs on a day to day basis! With the side effects of weight loss! Not only do you lose weight and shed inches, Advocare supports a healthy immune system. It is compatible with almost all medications out there, But wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor to make sure its right for you! Looking forward to Helping you!

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