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Ann and Brent Sobierajski
Hello and Welcome! My story began in July 2012....I was coming up on the 10th anniversary of losing my mother. I had changed nothing since that time, and unfortunately saw myself heading in the same direction.

Thankfully, a friend and former parent from my classroom introduced me to AdvoCare. The 24 Day Challenge was just the jump start I needed. I lost 10 pounds on the Challenge and continued using the products losing another 20 before the end of 2012.

When January 2013 came, I joined a gym and committed myself to a 5K every month. Unfortunately I cut back on AdvoCare products, and while I did become more active, my weight loss dramatically slowed down and I only lost 5 pounds in 6 months.

That was when I ultimately realized what a life changer AdvoCare truly is. I decided to do another Challenge, continue my commitment to fitness and eating right, and chose to not only consistently USE but also SHARE these amazing products. I have lost another 11 pounds, broke through that plateau, down 40 pounds overall, and I am so excited about the path I am on to continued health as well as the amazing people I am with on this incredible journey.

I have a true passion for helping others achieve success. Whether it is weight loss, gaining more energy, enhancing your workouts, achieving wellness, or building an income.....if you desire to look better, feel better, perform better, I can help with AdvoCare.

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