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Chris and Ginger Chaffinch
Since having my son just a little over a year ago I was feeling extremely unhappy with the way I looked and felt. Being a former college athlete and runner I was completely disappointed at how hard I felt I was working to get my body back and seeing no results. It was just not recovering the way I had hoped and my self-esteem was getting lower and lower. I had been working out and trying to eat right but my body was just not responding the way it had pre-baby. About three months after my friend introduced me to Advocare I decided to start the 24-day Challenge.

I joined immediately as a distributor because I wanted to save on products. Of course I started the challenge with all intentions of proving my friend wrong but on day 14 I had lost weight and inches. I was feeling fantastic and loving how my body was shaping up. I just couldn’t help myself I had to start telling people about the products.

I quickly advanced to Advisor because I saw the business opportunity that Advocare could provide. I continued to lose weight and inches and was so excited about the opportunity Advocare could provide not just for my family but for many others. I am continuing to spread the word about everything these products have to offer. Love life and yourself!

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