Julia & Chris Walker
Katy, TX
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Julia & Chris Walker
I would like to thank you personally for visiting our site, as you can see by the picture my wife has lost over 30 lbs since we joined AdvoCare and I've toned and built muscle mass tremendously in less than a year. We were introduced to AdvoCare by going to a mixer and tried a sample of spark and was sold on the product, then we started using other products and loved how the products easily fit around our daily activities and begun to jump start our dreams of being physically fit. I researched the company's history and I was impressed by their credentials, finding out they are endorsed by over 200 professional athletes. Also, AdvoCare pays you Five different ways, I was truly impressed! We would love for you to follow our lifestyle as we are still going strong @itsabouthealth1 on twitter and "Lifestyles Changing Everyday" on Facebook. Thanks again for visiting our site and remember "It's not a diet, it's a LIFESTYLE".

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