Jenna Scagliotti
Archbald, PA
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Jenna Scagliotti
Hello there! Thanks for checking out my Advocare site. Feel free to browse through the many products that will help promote your overall wellness, aid in your weight loss goals , boost your energy or just simply make you look and feel amazing.

In a hurry? I also created a few customized bundles, below, for a quick and easy, one-click shopping experience.

Want to know about my Advocare experience? Well, I started using Advocare in the summer of 2012. My first goal was to complete the 24 Day Challenge and did I ever! I lost 8 lbs. and, here's the best part... 11.5" (yes, I said INCHES)! I had so much energy and felt like I was on the top of my game. Since then I have been using Advocare products on a daily basis. I am so glad I found this product line. I can truly say, from the bottom of my heart, this stuff works.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Today looks like a good day to start the rest of your life.

My Bundles

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24 Day Weight Loss Challenge BASIC Add to Cart
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24-Day Challenge Bundle

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