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Jamie & Brenda Keil
It has always been a dream of ours to have our own business and make our own rules. After our third child was born, we realized that we were missing the kids growing up. Shortly after Brenda went back to work, it became apparent she could not keep up the pace with a new baby in the family and went part-time. We realized we would need to supplement her reduced income as soon as possible and were introduced to Advocare products by a co-worker of Jamie's. After attending a webinar held by Todd and Sharon Varvel and speaking to Todd's brother Greg, we knew that this was the opportunity we had been waiting for and jumped in at the Advisor level. We saw this as an opportunity not only to supplement Brenda's reduced income, but to actually increase it. With a solid company, amazing products, unpaid endorsers from all walks of life and the ability to do this without getting in the way of our current jobs, how could we pass this up? Our dreams are finally in sight, and we owe all our success and good fortune to our Advocare business. Thanks for stopping by!

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