April & Boris Ruhadze
Herndon, VA
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April & Boris Ruhadze
In 2012 April King was introduced to AdvoCare through Ruby Distributor Todd Miller, and it started with AdvoCare Spark®.

April and her Fiance Boris got engaged in early 2012, and that's when they both began the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and saw significant results. "All of my pants were loose and Boris went from a size 36 to a 32! It was then we realized what we had been doing differently – taking AdvoCare products," April said.

That's when April and Boris began their AdvoCare journey as a couple. "We have really decided to make a commitment to AdvoCare to grow our business" they said.

April and Boris say their pay check is a direct reflection of how many people they're helping. "We're seeing what can happen when we impact other people, and we're having a blast doing it!"

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