Steve & Michelle
Pampa, TX
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Steve & Michelle
I saw a post on Facebook about the 24 Day Challenge and decided to give it a try. I signed up for the wholesale discount and purchased a 24 Day Challenge at a 20% discount.

By the third day I was hooked. My energy level shot through the roof and my family wanted to know what was going on because they hadn't seen me with that much energy in months. I also lost 10 lbs and 4 inches just in my waist in the 24 days! My husband did the Challenge and lost 20 lbs in 24 days!

We started sharing our results with friends & family and soon we had people calling wanting to order products from me. That's when the business side started to click and we worked our way to the Advisor level

The work and personal beliefs of Advocare are in line with our own personal and business beliefs. What more could we ask for? With one child in high school and two pre teens this seemed like the perfect way to make extra money for college expenses, while sharing a healthier way of life with my friends and family.

These products greatly improve our overall health, increase our energy levels and have helped our athletes preform better PLUS we are now making an extra $750-1000 a month sharing products on a part-time basis. Using the DebtBusters System we are also on our way to becoming debt free thanks to the extra income we make from Advocare.

We would love to help get you on the road to a healthier you and if you're interested, join our team and earn some extra money in the process! There has never been a better time to be a part of Advocare than right now!

Steve & Michelle Osborn

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