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Mary Lou Ames
I was introduced to AdvoCare through my friend, Stephanie Grandits in 2012. She brought me to Ladies Alive, and it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. It was super empowering and I saw 1,000 women all doing Zumba together, not to mention 3 generations of women (a grandma, mother and her daughter) all involved with AdvoCare and thought that was really cool.

I came home really fired up and decided to immediately jump in at the distributor level and get on the 24 Day Challenge. I lost 7 lbs and 4 inches. I loved the results I saw and the way I felt, and had to share that joy with others. I went to Success School in February (in Texas), and had the most incredible time. Not only did I get to spend the weekend with my best friends, I got to see amazing guest speakers and hear stories of how AdvoCare had changed lives and how it could relate to my life. I came home and everyone told me they could tell I had a blast in Texas. It was truly a life changing weekend. It was at Success School I decided that I 100% wanted to do AdvoCare. I also get to go to some amazing events with a wholesome company and be surrounded by genuine and driven people. I love the culture of AdvoCare, and think everyone can benefit from being in a positive environment like that. Contact me today and let’s work together to reach your goals!

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