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Celene DeStefano
At the end of May 2012, AdvoCare was by chance integrated into my life. It just happened that I ran out of the protein I was using from a local supplier. My fiance, Marcus had purchased Mango Strawberry Spark and Post-Workout Recovery months prior. Since I was out of my protein I decided to borrow just a scoop of his. One scoop resulted in days, then weeks, then months of using AdvoCare.

After implementing AdvoCare into my daily routine I am 25 pounds lighter, physically stronger, and the depletion of energy I once had has drastically improved.

In my former profession as a weight loss counselor I consulted individuals about health and wellness. It wasn’t a surprise that I was skeptical of the numerous diet supplements and programs on the market. It is critical to trust what I physically and mentally teach or partake in. I believe in our products and principles and because I do I am confident knowing I can share AdvoCare with anyone.

The only way to see change is to believe in the change.

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