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Dr. Gina Love-Walker
Dr. Love-Walker's Advocare Story Over the years, I have tried various health strategies and diets to help manage my weight and optimize my general health. However, as a mom and a physician with a busy practice, it is often difficult to practice what I preach. I have always been health conscious, but the challenge for me was to preach the benefits of good nutrition and healthy living, while I was starting to look and feel tired, and unable to shed a few unwanted pounds. In other words, leading by example became a challenge. I, like most doctors, preach eat right and exercise, but I continue to see the frustration of patients who are really trying, but not seeing results. I learned about Advocare and the 24-Day Challenge from a friend who was starting to have tremendous success by using Advocare products. Once I learned more about the science behind the products, I decided to try Advocare products myself. After completing the 24-Day Challenge, I felt stronger, leaner, more focused, and had finally shed those extra pounds and inches!!! I repeated the challenge 6 months later and I am now down 2 dress sizes! I finally have a variety of nutritional supplements to choose from that I trust and feel comfortable offering to patients, family and friends. I had been approached by a number of companies and physicians asking me to support or recommend a particular weight loss or nutritional product. Recommending a product to those I care for and about is a big deal for me. If I don’t truly believe in the safety or efficacy of a product, or would not use it myself, I am certainly not going to risk associating my name and reputation with it. Based on the results that I have seen in others and most importantly myself, I can honestly say that Advocare has made a tremendous difference in my health, strength, endurance and dress size!

Interested in hearing more?

Interested in hearing more?
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