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To Mandy Lynskey's


Mandy Lynskey
Hello everyone and welcome to my AdvoCare site! Several months ago my former sorority sister introduced us to AdvoCare and it has completely changed the course of our lives both physically and financially. My husband and I both had put on weight during the pregnancies with each of our children and lacked the energy that we truly felt that we needed. On the financial side, we were both master electricians and pursuing succession in the family commercial electrical construction business. However, we only found ourself only making ends meet each month and with a time debt that was even greater than the financial debt we carried. As a former collegiate swimmer, clean eating, nutrition, supplementation and exercise have always played a large role in my life. It wasn't until I had my two babies just 16 months apart, that I really ever struggled with weight gain/loss. I jumped back into an extreme exercise program doing crossfit and running marathons and still could not get all the weight off. I came across AdvoCare and within the first month with little to no exercise I was able to loose the last stubborn 10 pounds that I had been desperately trying to loose for the past year and all during the month of December! My energy levels increased within my first 10 days on product and from that point on, I was hooked. After getting my weight loss results I incorporated the performance elite line with daily workouts and competed in my very first fitness competition less than a year after starting my first 24 day challenge. This is truly an eating plan where you are not starving yourself or sticking to a liquid diet, but rather supplementing these great products into your overall lean plan. You can get tremendous discounts on product by becoming a Wholesale customer (akin to a Sam's Club or Costco membership) OR save even more while earning money with the business opportunity. The business opportunity has been amazing for us! We paid off over $1000 of debt within our first two months and by our 6th month in the business were making enough to take our kids out of daycare and bring me home to be a stay at home mom. By the end of our first year in AdvoCare, we had completely replaced my full time income at my old job. More than the financial freedoms it has provided us with time freedom. We are very passionate about the changes this has brought to our family and are so happy about the families that we are now helping bring back together. We are part of a team that prides itself in helping people move fast. You are in business for yourself, however never by yourself, therefore we are here to guide and support you 100%! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at either 601-383-4990 or It all starts with your decision. If you would like to have more time, money, &/or better health for your lives and your children, we are here for you! Join us and we can lock arms and do this together! Many Thanks, Mandy

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Interested in hearing more?