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Joshua & Angel Staples
As a 30 year old I was in terrible shape. I had been lying to myself constantly buying shirts over sized to hide the stomach I didn't want to believe I had. It really broke me down when my eldest son complained I never had any energy to play because I was always too tired.

I think that one hit me the hardest...Well, I was sitting supervising a visit on my day job when my High School Wide Receiver Coach walked pass where I was sitting. I immediately jumped to greet him, but while greeting him noticing he was in terrific shape. Now here I am 30 and he 39 pushing 40 in better shape??? Something was wrong with that picture so I asked what he was doing and he said "AdvoCare." Now, granted I'd heard briefly about AdvoCare from one of my Wife's school buddies. But this time I heard something else...I heard a key to the very change I needed!

I went home and found Coach Jordan as a Distributor and signed up. I didn't know much, but I knew I respected this guy and was willing to go out on a limb for change. While I had started an exercise program, I simply couldn't finish the long extreme workouts. I started drinking Spark and low an behold I was finishing. It wasn't long before my Wife took notice and said what is that stuff again? She had already started making major health changes by going All Natural with her hair products. She too noticed a difference on the product so we decided to do this thing together.

Now we are a year in and Advisers with AdvoCare! We just completed our second 24 day Challenge losing a total of 50 pounds and over 25 inches. We took the business part more seriously and added 2 new Distributors! Immediately after Regional Success School we found our motivation was in simply helping our family and friends feel as great as we did. Now we are pushing to become Ruby sellers by Summertime so that I can come off my Job and help my Wife raise and Home School our 3 handsome bouncing boys...God Bless You & Look forward to hearing your story :)

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