Madelyn Pena
Tomball, TX
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Madelyn Pena
My name is Madelyn and I have been trying to loose weight for the longest. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work, until recently. I started at 196lbs and now down to 175lbs.I started doing a lot of research on certain foods, and too be honest, its how we consume our intake. I started eating every three hours and eating simple foods like a hard boiled eggs and two strips of turkey bacon which got me full quickly. For lunch I did a tilapia filet with a side salad, and for dinner, I ate a steak with sweet potato. Little changes like this I lost about 21 lbs just buy watching everything. I'm on a stall now needing to loose my last 15 lbs. And I too will be on this 24 day challenge to see break out of my stall. I hope you all stay tuned on my advocare journey!

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