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Roland Schoeman
Thank you for visiting my site. Before I found Advocare I spent hours researching supplements online, taking virtually every legal supplement out there all in the effort to help me continue being the best in the world. I am a 4 x Olympian, Olympic Champion, World Champion and 10 x World Record Holder, since 2008 however I have struggled to perform to the best of my ability. I felt I couldn’t recover properly, I’ve struggled with my sleeping patterns and no matter what effort I have put into the pool or the weight room during the season I just didn’t feel I was able to perform up to the standards I had become accustomed to. I doubted myself, my ability and I even began doubt whether I should continue my career at all.

I am now older than I have ever been (funny how that works), and at the age of 33 with the help of Advocare , I now know my body is physically aligned with what I envision for myself as a competitor. It feels as though I finally found the right tools to do what im still passionate about. Im able to train better, recover faster, and ultimately perform better.

This is a system of products I’m excited about, its changed my life, and I’ve seen and believe it can help others. At 33 I am currently one of the oldest international swimmers and I am still ranked top 10 in the world in multiple events. I have no doubt that with the right products, tools really, anyone can excel in what they want to accomplish. This is something that’s going to change your lives, your work, your energy levels, and ultimately your quality of life.

Ive always believed we each have our own personal legend. Its up to us to find it, but also to help others on their path to their own personal legend. This is what I want to do, for myself, and you. So be it by water or by land, Advocare can be an amazing tool for you on your journey.

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