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To Bill & Brenda Rumple's


Bill & Brenda Rumple
As a Personal/Athletic Trainer, I understand the importance of nutrition, good health, and energy. I recommend Advocare to all my clients and stress the benefits for them and their family. Advocare products help you stay focused, recover from workouts, give you energy, and put you on the path of leading a healthier life. My wife and I along with our three children use Advocare products and they have changed our lives. I know that Advocare products are not just for the serious elite athlete, but anyone looking to be healthy. I recommend Mns3, spark ,night time recovery, meal replacement shakes, and Catalyst to the average person . Depending on what your goals are , Advocare has a recipe for anyone ! I encourage you to try these products as well and incorporate them into your workouts and daily lives. Advocare products are formulated by an elite science and medical advisory board with over 250 years combined experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics. Advocare products are produced to the highest quality standards in the industry, and people including world-class athletes, choose Advocare products because they get results. Advocare products go hand in hand with training and offer lifetime benefits to everyone. ****Are you wanting to jump start your weight loss or having a hard time losing those last 20 pounds???? Then the 24 Day Challenge is for you. It is a revolutionary program to help individuals lean out and tone up. In 24 minutes you will feel the difference, in 24 hours you will know the difference, and in 24 days you will see the difference! Join Advocare as a Distributor today and Save! There are no strings attached, no minimum or maximum orders, and no mandatory autoships are ever required to maintain your discount! As a Distributor/Member, you simply pay $79.00 + tax & shipping upon joining the first time, and then a renewal of $50.00 per year. Your membership comes complete with $50.00 worth of incredible products, and allows you to shop with a savings. You decide what you want, when you want it, and how much product you you would like to order! You have the convenience of being able to shop from your own personal Advocare website, have the products shipped right to your door, and still have the support and nutritional coaching from the person who shared products and/or Advocare products with you. To become a distributor and save click on the “Become a Distributor” tab on the upper right hand side of the webpage and follow the instructions. If you ever have any questions or if we can help you make the right choice for your nutrition and energy needs, please call 330-847-9179.

Interested in hearing more?

Interested in hearing more?