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Gema McAlister
I have always struggled with my weight after having a child in July of 2009. I had tried every workout and fad/new company diet out there and still didn't have ANY success with dropping fat and gaining muscle. Before I had my daughter, I was into fitness and had am incredible body that got people to stop and question me about. It was quite flattering back then. When I was overweight, no one believed me that I was ever in amazing shape and I had to always prove it with photos . Well after the new year, a friend of mine who I reconnected after MANY years on Facebook, was talking about Advocare and the 24 day challenge. I had talked to numerous distributors from each health and wellness company that promised me that I would get great results from their product. I didn't personally know the people I was talking to, and most direct sales companies are so pushy and they are so new, which is scary to think about because personally, I would like to know how long a company has been around successfully and have proven safe products. I decided that I felt most comfortable with Advocare, not only because I had someone I knew personally who was the distributor, but comparing the products from Advocare to the other companies that almost got me, I didn't want to only drink shakes all day and didn't want to wrap my stomach and not learn to eat and have a total lifestyle change.

Well change is exactly what I got. I completed my 24 day challenge and had never felt better in my life. I was able to eat more and learn how to control mg portions andante other things. It was by far the easiest program I've followed and had the best results with in such a short amount of time. I love the product and the way I got involved was just wanting to buy it, but because I didn't want to pay retail, I signed up and became a distributor. I got my pack in the mail a few days later and did the challenge.

Not until a month or two that went by, that I of a call from a wonderful woman who knows my distributor. She invited me to a "meeting", which I was making every excuse not to go, bit something was telling me that I should just go and check it out and didn't lose anything. That was what did it for me! I saw the potential of these normal families just like me, who are deciding how they are living their life and not allowing anyone else tell them any different. It was such a life changing moment and I haven't looked back since.

Welcome to Advocare and I'm so excited to have you take that next step and change your life completely! You are never alone with this and I More than happy to answer any questions that you may have

With Advocare, it has allowed me to take their amazing products and I have earned my way to the level I wanted! There is no limit, but the top earner is doing pretty well! I want to start a team and help them become successful with health goals AND finances! This company has it all and I'm seriously excited that you are ready to be a part of it with me!

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