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Jerod & Jenny Broadfoot
My wife, Jenny and I started taking product after our life's were interrupted in a very positive way by our friend, Julie. She took the time to explain the Advocare Vision to us and we were so excited to become a part of Team Advocare!

Our story is two years in the making now, but I have lost 25 pounds of fat and put on 10 pounds of muscle with the help of our Performance Elite products. We have energy again, are motivated and feel better than we have in years. The best part for us is sharing our story and impacting so many life's with great product.

The financial freedom we are gaining through Advocare has been surprising and amazing at the same time! Most months there is more month than money, but by sharing our story with others we have been able to earn extra money that has helped us start paying off our debt and be able to afford to live every month. We can't quite explain how much Advocare has changed our lives, but we would love to share our story with you! Please contact us with any questions and please allow us to help change your life in 24 days with the 24 Day challenge!

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