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Micah & Saphrin Pediford
"If nothing changes, nothing changes." - Ron Reynolds VP of Dist. Recognition

That is one of my favorite quotes for a reason. Most of us go through life with a complete indifference to the problems we complain about, but do nothing to change it. The two solutions we provide in Advocare are in the areas of health and finance. Roughly, over 60% of Americans are obese and over 80% of Americans hate what they do or don't get paid what they're worth. It's these two areas that people tend to struggle with most and we have the answer.

Basically, for my family and I, we got tired of coasting through life. So in April of 2013 we saw a way to take back control when my buddy introduced me to Advocare. We needed money, and to be honest, we got on products as a technicality. But man am I glad we did because these products, whether you're a pro-athelete or a soccer mom, will absolutely change your life. My wife and I did the 24 Day Challenge and I lost about 7 pounds and started seeing my abs again. I found my self powering through push-ups like Arnold Schwarzenegger. My wife lost 11 pounds/7+ inches post baby. Now tons of our friends and family are doing the same!

Here to help in any way we can! Talk to you soon!

Micah Pediford
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