Jeff Mallinson
Montgomery, AL
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Jeff Mallinson
Hello, my name is Jeff Mallinson I am a husband to my high school sweetheart & a father of three wonderful boys. I am from central Alabama and I am partner and manager of a local retail flooring store. Like most families my wife and I have always juggled a very busy schedule trying to fit everything we did into a 7 day week and like most families we over committed and ended up having to sacrifice something. When my wife and I married I was somewhere around 150lb. and a size 29 waste, ( I have the pictures to prove it!) LOL! I found myself all these years later a good ol' boy tipping the scale at 256lb. with a snuge size 42 waste at only 5'9" tall WOW! In February 2013 MY WIFE desided I needed to shead a few pounds, and that is when my wonderful sister-n-law introduced me to AdvoCare and The 24 Day Challange. So me being a very smart guy I figured it would help me get a little weight OFF of my back if you know what i mean! In my first 11 days I dropped a full pant size and all of my clothes started fitting different. I am still going and between excercise and adding AdvoCare products to my good nutrition I have lost 54lb. and taken a 42 waste down to a 34 and I am still dropping. I have started using the performance products ( BioCharge & Muscle Fuel ) I am now benching more than I did in high school and early 20's and I am over 40. My endurance is better than ever. I can do hand stand push ups like nobody's business. I will keep you posted on my progress. My over all goal is to get down to 200lb. and a size 34 waste. Come on and join the fun!

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