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Jeff & Beth Keylon
We were introduced to AdvoCare in March 2013. We were stressed juggling bills and working countless hours in our corporate jobs that we lacked the energy and time to enjoy our lives. After sampling spark, we were blown away by our new found energy. In June 2013, we placed our Advisor order to get products at a 40% discount. We had no idea how amazing our AdvoCare journey was about to become!

Beth completed her challenge in July 2013. She lost 6 lbs & 6 inches and felt incredible. Jeff began to add performance products to his routine and his body transformed into lean muscle. Once a part-time aerobics instructor and a personal trainer, we are still passionate about helping others obtain a healthier lifestyle. We told our story to a few friends and family. Our first check was $90.53 but it was only the beginning!

With decided hearts, we purchased our Success School tickets and went to Dallas, TX in August 2013 for an unforgettable experience. When we returned home, we shared new stories and products. There are no words to describe the feeling of helping others get life changing results. With consistent product use, Beth has lost a total of 20 lbs and 2 pant sizes!

We want to help you reach your health and financial goals too. Please call us at 423-715-4406 or email us at and start your AdvoCare journey with us today!

Thank you for visiting our site,
Jeff and Beth Keylon

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