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Justin & Melissa Arneson
We have been in fitness for several years and have always used supplements, sports drinks, and any other "helpers" we could find. Melissa is a full-time Zumba instructor and I am into weight lifting. The majority of the products that filled our pantry shelves were not high quality products and did not produce the results they promised. After years of trying everything under the sun, we met our friends Arn and Nikki Allemand. They shared how the Advocare products have changed their lives and how they were sure that the products would change our lives as well. Melissa and I, skeptical due to empty product promises of past, took this with a grain of salt. However, we owed it to ourselves to try something that obviously was working for our friends. We decided that we would do the 24 Day Challenge which is the system that helped our friend Nikki go from a size 10 to a size 4! Melissa and I set our skepticism aside and went all-in. On the final day of our 24 Day Challenge Melissa lost 12 pounds, 2 inches on her waist, 2.25 inches on her thighs, and an inch on her biceps! Now we were impressed, shocked, and amazed! So what happened with me? I really did not want to lose weight, I wanted to continue to build muscle and maybe take some fat off my waist. Well, I lost 3 inches on my waist and did not lose a single pound! These products and the Advocare company as a whole have dramatically changed our lives. Melissa and I have more energy than we have had since high school!

We are so excited about our results and how great we feel as a whole. We sleep better at night, we wake up feeling fantastic, and we never feel lethargic and sleepy. We really want to share this with anyone that wants more energy, less weight, and more muscle.

Thank you for reading our story, and let us know how we can help you!
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