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Dax & Brandy Ferguson
Hey! I'm Brandy, wife of 17 years, homeschooling mom to 8 boys, and publisher at and As if these full-time jobs weren't enough to keep me busy, I'm currently training for my first marathon coming up in November. I believe whole-heartedly that optimal nutrition and exercise are key to a healthy lifestyle, and so much so, that I teamed up with two fitness instructors and wrote a book called 42 Days to Fit, highlighting a six week path to helping moms eat well and get toned up and in shape so that they can be the best mom they can be for their families.

With optimal nutrition and good old-fashioned exercise still my bottom-line, training for a marathon in the scorching Texas heat has become a game changer. No longer able to sustain and equip my body for the extra stress from running 15 to 20 miles per week with food and water alone, I have turned to Advocare to help me stay hydrated and energized using several of their all-natural herbal supplements. Skeptical at first, but with many miles on my shoes to prove it, Advocare works. You can follow my story and learn more about how I am maximizing my training with optimal nutrition as well as the great supplements I have personally selected at, Facebook and even Instagram.

Motherhood is a marathon. Enjoy the run!

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