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Not sure which system to use? AdvoCare recommends beginning with MNS® 3, which provides you with a foundational level of appetite control and energy.* For a higher level of appetite control you can choose MNS® C, and for more energy you can choose MNS® E.

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Carb-Ease® Plus



Extra Meal Replacement Shake:

Catalyst works to feed muscle, not fat, leaving our body more toned and better defined.* Catalyst contains branched-chain amino acids, which help support endurance and strength in conjunction with exercise.*

Catalyst can also aid in preserving muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction, and can help support post-exercise muscle repair and recovery.*

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ThermoPlus contains sage and oolong tea extracts, plus nutritional support, to stimulate your metabolism and help you use the calories you consume more efficiently.* This thermogenic product should be used during the Max Phase only, not during the Cleanse Phase.

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For those occasional times when you must have your cake and eat it too, Carb-Ease Plus is a great solution for anyone who has trouble resisting occasional sweets and carbohydrate-laden foods.*

Carb-Ease Plus helps inhibit the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats, encourages fat metabolism, and supports overall body composition.*

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Each 24-Day Challenge® Bundle includes one 24-Day Challenge® Daily Guide.

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