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Melissa & Brent McGrady
In 2013 I completed my first season of triathloning, including Big George (a Half Iron distance race, 70.3 miles). I was content with that (especially since I've never done triathlons before), but felt the need to boost my performance and loose some weight/thin out.

One day I was browsing Facebook when I happened upon a status update bragging 4 inches lost. Inquiries began, and the rest is history. My coach/sponsor/FRIEND introduced me to the 24 Day Challenge. I was EXTREMELY apprehensive as I thought it was too expensive and the thought of cutting out coffee and dairy nearly turned me off. But I did it, the cleanse helped me to drop 7lbs and 7.75 inches (3.25 in my waist alone!)

I work overnights, so no coffee was rough, but definitely NOT undoable. The Spark drinks are tasty, and the SLAM is good when Spark is just not kicking it that day.

I love how Advocare is easy to follow and tells me exactly what to eat and when to eat. I love that you CAN eat! I am very active, even in my off season, so being hungry is not an option. I despise being hungry and feeling sick nauseous because of it, so Advocare is perfect. Plenty of veggies, fruits, etc. I cook and prep everything ahead of time, make portions ahead of time, pretty fool proof!

I plan on continuing and growing in the Advocare family because that's just what it is, a family. There are get-togethers, Facebook groups; we are all supporting each others healthier lifestyle choices.

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