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To Natalie & Matt Mavrick's


Natalie & Matt Mavrick
It all started for us one afternoon when Natalie was at work and a co-worker of hers told her about an energy drink that was good for her and filled with vitamins and minerals while giving her energy at the same time. Natalie tried one and immediately liked how she felt and the alertness and energy it gave her, so she purchased her first box of spark that day. With Natalie knowing how big of a canned energy drinker I was she brought them home with her that night for me to try. After trying one I was very impressed and told her this was something we needed to get involved in. For months a friend of mine had been telling me about this product called Advocare and he would love for us to join his team, but I was stuck in my ways and unsure if that’s we wanted to do. That night I got ahold of my friend Jamichael Wampler and he walked us through the steps of how to get involved with Advocare. We’re both so happy all of this happened to us, because it was definitely a blessing in disguise. I no longer drink canned energy drinks or diet sodas and I quit an unhealthy habit. We are cutting our debt down, getting in better mental and physical shape, and making a little extra money on the side. Sometimes in life you have to take a chance and we are so glad that we did take a chance with Advocare, because it is paying itself off everyday. The products we love: Spark-This is the most amazing product ever. You don’t get jitters or crash when you come down from it. Our favorite flavors are watermelon and mango strawberry. Slam-This is a great shooter real quick that provides some great alertness as well. Our favorite flavor is bowl game berry. Thermoplus-For when we need an extra boost but don’t want to drink a spark or slam. CarbEase-We both love to eat pasta and this allows us to still do that and not worry about gaining extra weight. Thanks for visiting our site and if you have any questions please let us know!!!!

Interested in hearing more?

Interested in hearing more?