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Chris & Julie Jordening
Julie and I have been drinking Spark for years, but recently I realized that I was in need of a serious lifestyle adjustment. I was an overweight, coffee guzzling, couch potato. So, I ordered a 24-Day Challenge, lost around 15 pounds, and had more energy than I had in years!!! Since then, I have lost over 20 pounds, and am working towards my goal of losing a total of 30 pounds. Obviously, people started asking what I was doing to lose the weight, and ADVOCARE was my answer!

During this time, my oldest son was preparing to graduate and go off to college. The impending stress of how we were going to cover the cost of a private Christian college education was beginning to overwhelm me. I knew about the business aspect of AdvoCare, but never thought it was for me, or my family. After speaking to our good friend Johnna, who had introduced us to the amazing products years earlier, Julie and I knew that – once again – ADVOCARE was the answer!

Today, we are feeling and looking better than we have in years, we are performing better due to proper nutrition, recovery, and hydration, and we are starting to see our income rise to cover the additional expenses – just by sharing the AdvoCare products, and our story, with people we know and love.

Julie and I would consider it a privilege to help you achieve your goals.

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