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Samayyah Crawford
Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I was introduced to Advocare in April 2014, I started with the spark product and found that it gave me the energy I needed to get into the gym on a regular basis. In the first two weeks I saw a huge difference in my energy, strength and endurance,I also lost 15 pounds in my first month. Since then, I have added Slam, OmegaPlex, o2Gold and Catalyst for increased weight lose and energy when necessary. I completed my 24 day challenge and lost a total of 10 pounds and 8 inches all over. I am so thankful to have found something that does what it says. I'm so excited to help spread the word of what amazing nutrition and world class products can do for your life.
I look forward to serving you and helping you accomplish your health and fitness goals.
Can't wait to talk to you soon! God Bless :-)

Philip Rivers

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