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Melissa Marx
I come from a very active background of competitive dance and performing. I was a distance runner almost 20 years and previously a trainer and diet coach both independently and through my local gym! In 2009 I've taken my fitness journey to the next level by competing in the NPC bikini division! I've completed 9 shows to date and continually live a very fit lifestyle! I've been involved in the bodybuilding lifestyle since 2007.
I was introduced to advocare products by my boyfriend who has believed in them a few years now! He gets great results so I'm excited to get great results! You can too! Immediately I loved the trim line!!! It's my favorite & spark is the best tasting energy drink I've taken in a long time! Taste is everything to me! There are many lines within the advocare brand and there's a line or product for everyone!!! I am glad I have made the switch and am very excited to continue to get great results!!

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