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Zach & Krysta Huckabee - Texas

Less than two years ago, we were living paycheck to paycheck. Zach was a worship and youth pastor, and I was a stay-at-home mom to our one-year-old son Clive.

Clive was born with a medical condition that lasted from birth to his first birthday. Because of that, medical debt ensued. We found ourselves in a place where we owed nearly $20,000 and had no way to pay the bills. When we started struggling to buy formula for Clive, things got really difficult.

That is when AdvoCare entered our lives. My friend and AdvoCare Independent Distributor Sarah Davidson reached out to us about the business side of AdvoCare, so Zach and I jumped in full force with Clive as our purpose. In 12 days, we worked our way to the Advisor level so we could begin to build our business.

We initially shared AdvoCare to pay just $100 a month toward our medical debt, but when our second check came in over $1,500 we started thinking differently. Fast forward eight months, every dollar of medical debt has been paid and my student loans are paid off, by sharing what AdvoCare has done for us with every person we meet, following up consistently, using the success system. We are now doing the things we have always wanted to do, including spending more time together as a family. AdvoCare has also given me a defined purpose – to help other people reach their financial and wellness goals. My drive comes from seeing other families experience the success we are having.

It is a constant joy to see what AdvoCare is doing in the lives of the people who we have touched through this business. We can't envision a future without AdvoCare. The friends that we have made and the work we get to do with other families to help them reach their goals are a part of our lives that we never grow tired of.

STATUS: 6 Star - Joined June 2013. EARNINGS TO DATE: $181,768.40*
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