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Monty & Jeanice Ervin
I was first introduced to AdvoCare in the Summer of 1995 by a college friend of mine. The timing wasn’t right for Jeanice and I, but in December of that same year a guy I had coached with sent me some products. I was 32 yrs. old, 300 lbs. and had high blood pressure.
I secretly started on the products during Christmas break without telling Jeanice. I had tremendous energy and went down 2 notches in my belt. I finally shared what I was doing with Jeanice and she loved the products too. I lost 75 lbs. in 7 months and Jeanice lost 20 lbs. and a pant size in 5 months and everyone wanted to know what it was we were doing.
In January of 1996, I started sharing the same products that we had used with friends and family. Without knowing anything about a business opportunity I sold an Advisor order and we had earned an extra $900, in just 10 days.
This was something that was adding value to our lives both physically and financially. We were in a bankruptcy, living check to check, coaching and teaching an hour and 20 minutes apart from each other. We knew that for things to change, we were going to have to change some things. That’s when we got a flyer in the mail talking about Success School. We made the decision to go and learn more about the products and what the company was all about.
We were so blessed by the message that our founder, Charlie Ragus shared with us that weekend and it changed our lives forever. There were people just like us that wanted to make a difference in their lives and be a difference maker for others. We saw others earning income that we only dreamed about. We knew that Advocare was a way for us to get ahead, so we came home and started sharing what we had heard and seen with our friends and family.
Our first year of working Advocare on a VERY part time basis we earned an extra $5,000. The second year was $23,000. The third year was $75,000. And our last year part time we earned $125,000. With the income earned in 1999, Jeanice was able to step away from teaching/coaching while I continued to teach and coach one more year and then came home to be a stay at home daddy!
In July 1999, we found out that Jeanice was pregnant with twins through fertility treatments. Because of the income we were earning from Advocare, we were able to afford this expense after trying unsuccessfully for 8 years. This was such a blessing and we were SO Excited.
Our fertility specialist allowed Jeanice to take several products during her pregnancy. She carried the girl’s full term with no bed rest. Macie weighed 8.2 and Lyndie weighed 6.10. Two months after having the girls Jeanice dropped 2 sizes!!
Advocare has allowed us a lifestyle we could only imagine. Without the mentorships/friendships of Todd and Donna Cash, Mike and Tammy Barrett, our founder Charlie Ragus along with numerous other friends, we would not be where we are today.
Advocare is truly a company of Hope, Change and Leadership. It allows Distributors to share World-Class Nutritional Products with others and help them change THEIR lives for the better too.
We have had incredible results using AdvoCare products over the past 15 years, but the BIGGEST BLESSING has been the Business Opportunity. We never thought that a company such as this could be the answer to our prayers. Then again…….AdvoCare is not your Average Company.
At Advocare~We Build Champions!!!!

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