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Judy & John Ikard
When I learned about AdvoCare I was overweight and tired all the time. Using the AdvoCare's world class products, I lost 45 pounds and went from size 18 to a 6 in 9 months. My new energy and sense of well being have been sustained daily with these products. - Judy

I lost 40 lbs. and went from a size 42 to a 34. My favorite products are Spark, MNS Max 3, Meal Replacement Shakes and Catalyst. I love the energy and appetite control that they provide me - John

Because of significant growing debt with no other sources of income available I looked to Advocare's Income Opportunity as a way to freedom. I knew AdvoCare provided a financial opportunity I paid off over $60,000 in debt in addition to our mortgage because of this great opportunity. - Judy

Since 2006 John and I have partnered together to make a difference in the lives of others who want to embrace health and/or financial freedom.

We believe to anyone who is motivated and teachable, this can truly be a life changing opportunity.

With the same passion for the products and the opportunity we will be sharing the hope of financial freedom and health with those we meet.

We share our time between Glendale and Prescott, Arizona

Feel free to contact us: Judy, 623-340-6629 or John, 623-341-4340

Judy and John Ikard

4 ways to get involved with AdvoCare:
1. Retail Customer
2. Wholesale customer (at discount) no minimums
3. Distributor at 20-40% Discount, no minimums
4. Advisor at 40% (Business Builder) can earn 5 streams of income

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