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Mark & Jaci Leitgeb
As a former Div 1 College Strength Coach the product integrity of AdvoCare Nutrition was the single most important thing for us. I was impressed with the Science behind the Formulas. We achieved great success with items such as Spark Drink for Energy, MNS for Weight Loss, and the Performance Elite for our fitness goals.

#1. We got results.....major results, on the core AdvoCare Nutritional Systems. Jaci lost 3-4 dress sizes and is now more fit and tone than ever before in her life. Check out The 24 Day Challenge:

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#2. "AdvoCare has allowed us the freedom financially to totally transform our life. Starting out part time AdvoCare cut us a $9 first check, then our income grew to approx $10,000/mo including retail sales profit, by the end of the first year! By the end of our 2nd yr, we had an $18,000- $20,000 MONTHLY RECURRING paycheck. By the end of our 4th full year here, the income had become $35,000-$40,000 A MONTH!

Now today its SIX FIGURES A MONTH. Advocare is currently affording us a $1 MILLION DOLLAR a year lifestyle.....for several years running"

"As much is given, much is expected. Let us help you succeed in life."


-Mark & Jaci Leitgeb

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AdvoCare offers world-class nutritional supplements, sports performance products and skincare to the American marketplace through the free-enterprise model of direct selling.

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