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Joe Hadachek
AdvoCare came into our lives in June 1998 when our sponsor introduced us to professional strength coach Dave Redding and several other coaches at the National Strength and Conditioning Association Convention in Nashville. My initial attraction to AdvoCare was due to the coaches, players and teams using AdvoCare sports performance products. The endorsements in addition to the Sports Advisory Council provided unbelievable credibility. Within a few days of using SPARK, I no longer craved a six-pack of diet soda pop every day. That was life changing. Post-Workout Recovery allowed me to have faster recovery time in the weight room. By this time, Gloria became interested in trying Metabolic Nutrition System, and she lost 18 pounds in less than six weeks. I lost 34 pounds by adding MNS to my product regimen. We liked the products so much that we decided to become Advisors and get the 40% discount. We were not looking for a business opportunity at the time, but we realized that $200 per month on a part-time basis practically paid for our personal product usage each month. We decided to raise our monthly income goal to $500 per month, which would take care of our vehicle payment. At this time we were putting in roughly two hours per week retailing the products to people who wanted to look, feel and perform better. After we attended our first Success School we made the decision to devote more time to our AdvoCare business. Founder Charlie Ragus mentioned priorities of faith, family, job and then AdvoCare. I realized that my priorities needed to change. Even though I loved my job, I worked 80 hours a week while Gloria worked part time as an emergency management coordinator, taking classes to finish her four-year college degree and raising our two boys, Trev and Tate. We never had enough time together as a family. That had to change, and we realized that AdvoCare could be our solution. We started doing weekly mixers, team phone calls and weekend trainings after our first Success School, and it helped us earn more than $100,000 in 1999 working part time. Gloria resigned her position in the spring of 1999, and I resigned my coaching duties at the end of the season. The decision to leave college coaching was an emotional one, but I realized it was time to put family ahead of a career. Gloria and I began to put more time into AdvoCare as a husband-wife team, and our business more than doubled in 2000. Thanks to AdvoCare we have compressed our most precious asset time. Less time at work allows us to spend more time with family and friends doing the things we truly enjoy. AdvoCare has allowed us to travel to Lake Louise, Canada, Maui, Australia and New Zealand. We have been fortunate to take our kids to resorts in Disney World, Wyoming, Alaska and Atlantis. Gloria and I have been able to spend quantity, not just quality, time with our kids Trev, Tate and Tori. Financially, we are better equipped to give to our school, our church and our hometown. Gloria opened a small business that fit a need in our community and I am now able to coach my kids and put time into the young athletes in our school system. In 2006 we had 90 boys play padded football (3rd-6th) in our small town (population 1,200) with five teams and 20 coaches. It is all based on volunteers and I can honestly say, if you build it, they will come! People ask us, "Why do you still work AdvoCare?" We have a duty to fulfill, and that duty is to help our team members achieve their goals. We are blessed to have the best TEAM in AdvoCare!

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Interested in hearing more?