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Robert & Jenny Donnelly
As AdvoCare distributors, my wife and I earn over $100,000 every month.
If you live in the Portland Oregon area, and are interested in trying AdvoCare products, or becoming an AdvoCare distributor yourself, we would love to help you.
We have been involved with AdvoCare since 1999, are experienced with all of the products, and have helped thousands of people around the Portland Metro area find financial success through a relationship with AdvoCare.
I used to work 60 hours a week at an engineered wood products mill and Jenny was a registered dietitian. We initially got excited about AdvoCare because of the nutritional products. I lost 25 pounds and my pant size went from a 36 to a 32 in the first two months. Jenny was skeptical at first, but was sold after looking at AdvoCare's Scientific & Medical Advisory Board.¿¿We started sharing our excitement with family and friends and earned $4,000 our first month. AdvoCare opened our eyes to our priorities and helped us have more choices. We realized that our lives weren't going to magically get better without us choosing a new path. 
Within one year, we were averaging $10,000 a month. Currently, approximately $20million of product moves through our business annually.
AdvoCare has afforded us to both be stay-at-home parents and has truly been a blessing in our lives.
We also embrace the opportunity to help other families get healthy and to have the lifestyle and freedom that we have today. It's an opportunity to work hard and play hard... life on your terms. 
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